Switzerland as business location and hub for foundations

The MMF is committed to improving the overall environment of business and philanthropy in Switzerland.

The promotion of young entrepreneurs is one of the MMF`s main concerns. Without start-up companies, there is no innovation. Without innovation the economy stagnates. In the international market, economic stagnation inevitably means a loss of competitive capacity.

Although there is hardly another country as innovative as Switzerland, venture capital is hard to come by. Switzerland is ranked first place in the Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012 of the World Economic Forum. However, in the subcategory «Availability of venture capital for the financing of start-up companies» it is only ranked 18th globally. The reasons for this are mainly the high savings rate combined with a structural aversion to risk. It seems that the Swiss are not keen to invest in tomorrow`s ideas.

The Swiss Economics Awards is the most important young entrepreneur award in Switzerland and is presented annually by the Swiss Economic Forum. The winners of this award demonstrate that young enterprises can indeed be successful. As jury president, Carolina Müller-Möhl supports these outstanding examples of successful young entrepreneurs and endeavours to promote entrepreneurial culture and social understanding for young enterprise and make it attractive in the long term.

The MMF also intends to promote institutes which address the future of Switzerland. Politicians and representatives of the private sector often cannot find time to deal with long-term perspectives, due to the enormous daily pressure they face. Carolina Müller-Möhl is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Avenir Suisse, a Swiss think tank which addresses social and economic development in Switzerland. The MMF supports Avenir Suisse because the think tank defines relevant topics at an early stage and identifies need for future action, solution proposals and food for thought.

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